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We care about where our produce comes from, how it is sourced, and what that means to the environment and local communities that we work with. We take great care to procure the finest species that our shores provide resulting in a product that is premium, provenance-assured, sustainable and responsibly sourced. Freshness is synonymous with top quality.


Have it delivered fast

With a minimum order of just £20, our same-day delivery service is a great option for dinner parties or when you’re too busy to make it down to the shop.

Our environmentally friendly, temperature-controlled boxes mean that you can be sure your fish and shellfish will arrive with the same unbeatable freshness and quality you get in the shop. We deliver anywhere within a three-mile radius, from Reading town centre postcodes – call us to find out if we can deliver to you.


Passionate about fish

We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have and can also offer advice about the best ways of cooking. And, of course, we prepare your fish and seafood to the highest standards. So however you want it – cleaned (gutted, scaled & scissored), skinned, boned, filleted, sliced, butterfly slice, you name it – all you have to do is ask. Then we are happy to help.


Fish for restaurant, school or business

If you’re a restaurant, school or business, we can supply you with one-off orders or a regular delivery of healthy fresh fish and seafood. Our expert fishmongers offer a one-to-one service and we are known for our reliability.

So whether you’re a school that needs small portions, skinned and completely de-boned, or a restaurant that prides itself on locally sourced produce, you can be sure you’ll get the fish you want, exactly as you want it.

Specialist Fishmonger

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Reading Quality Fish is a specialist wholesale fishmonger supplying quality fish and seafood to many of Berkshire area restaurants and hotels. Since starting as a family business in south west of london, selling the best of the catch from the South coast, we expanded our branch to the west of Berkshire.. The excitement of supplying these restaurants and the buzz around how we sourced our catch resulted in us supplying a full range of species to caterers and public in and around Berkshire. Our challenge was to maintain the quality with a wide variety of fish. That was, and still is the mission of the business.

We now provide the finest catch direct from the coast, daily from our branches in London and Reading This locations enables us to source the freshest fish from not only the South East but all parts of the UK, and all lover the world , rather than relying on the catch of one location like many of our competitors.

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