Big Brown Crabs


Softshell crabs are normal crabs which are caught immediately after moulting their shell, in the few days before the new one has hardened up. They are everywhere, of course, but two regions turned them into culinary stars: Venice and New England. They’re still fished in both places, but the rest of the world goes to Thailand for this delicacy where a burgeoning soft shell crab industry seems to be run by a cadre of ex-patriate Bostonian fish processing managers.

So the quality is excellent. Please note that one 75g crab is about two mouthfuls. And yes, you do indeed eat the whole thing... very tasty too. The availability of soft shell crab can be tricky so we do apologise if they are currently out of stock.

Preparation Method: 

  • Regular clean (Opened up and insides cleaned out).


  • The meat gives a savoury flavour with a slightly acidic tang. It is sweet, slightly salty and rich in taste. They are usually boiled.

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