Jack fish or Horse Mackerel


The commercial names Trevally or Jack cover a wide range of species with various local names, including Horse Mackerel, Crevalle Jack, Scad, Pompano and – confusingly – Yellowtail Kingfish! It’s hardly surprising they are often confused with Kingfish.

The Australian Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) is now being successfully farmed, giving a consistent supply of 4 to 8kg fish, though legally it should be marketed in the UK as either Jack or Trevally. Citrus marinades help retain the moisture during cooking, and they go very well with Thai and Cajun flavours.


  • Regular clean (Trimmed, De-scaled and gutted) Fillets (Meat is separated from the bone, head off) Open like a book (fish is cut to the point where the fish opens up like a book).

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